Croatian hit Sonja and the Bull best opening in 10 years

    Croatian domestic hit "Sonja and the Bull" Croatian domestic hit "Sonja and the Bull"

    ZAGREB: Vlatka Vorkapic's debut feature Sonja and the Bull scored the best opening by box office for a Croatian film in 10 years.

    Produced by Inter Film (www.interfilm.hr) in coproduction with the Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT, www.hrt.hr), Sonja and the Bull had 9,949 admissions and made 40,000EUR/301,975HRK in its first weekend. It had 38,979 admissions in its first three weeks in the cinemas until December 17, representatives of Croatian Audiovisual Center (www.havc.hr) told FNE.

    The film is a comedy telling the story of a vegetarian and animal-rights activist who claims that bullfighting is unnecessarily violent. The cast includes Judita Franković, Goran Bogdan, Dejan Aćimović and Ivo Gregurević. Born in 1969, Vlatka Vorkapić is an independent artist, screenwriter and director with more than 20 award-winning documentary films and short films made until now.

    Sonja and the Bull won Golden Arena for Best Screenplay (Vlatka Vorkapić) at he 59th Croatian national Pula Film Festival and also Golden Arena for Best Costume Design (Slavica Šnur) and Best Music (Stanko Kovačić, Damir Martinović, Ivanka Mazurkijević).