Croatian Box Office Grows 14 Percent in 2013


    ZAGREB: The Croatian total box office rose to 15,980,000 EUR/122,278,647 HRK in 2013 compared to 113,603,836 HRK/14,894,400 EUR in 2012, driven by the popularity of Croatian films. Admissions grew by almost five percent.

    According to the latest results released through Croatian distribution company Continental Film 4,049,582 tickets were sold in 2013 compared to 3.87 m in 2012. There were 185 films released in 2012 including 11 domestic films, while in 2013 189 films were released including five domestic films.

    This growth is due not only to American blockbusters but also to the fact that domestic admissions for Croatian films reached a high of 443,539 in 2013, up from 326,455 in 2012 and 108,386 in 2011. Admissions for domestic films are almost 15 times higher than they were 20 years ago.