Croatian Funding Down, Domestic Hits Up in 2013

    The Priest's Children by Vinko Bresan The Priest's Children by Vinko Bresan

    ZAGREB: The Croatian domestic film market share and number of releases were up in 2013, but funding for film production and international coproductions declined in 2013.

    The Croatian Audiovisual Centre allotted total subsidies of 7,184,778 EUR/54.6 m HRK in 2013, of which 2,852,632 EUR/21.68 m HRK went to feature film production and 332,895 EUR/2.53 m HRK went to the international coproduction scheme. HAVC gave 3.4 m EUR/26 m HRK for production of features and 600,000 EUR/4.5 m HRK for the international coproductions scheme in 2012.

    Seven nationally-financed features, two Croatian majority coproductions and four Croatian minority coproductions in 2013 were financed by HAVC in 2013. Nine domestic feature films, 12 feature documentaries, and four coproductions were produced in 2013. The cash rebate scheme launched in 2012 continued in 2013 but the number of incoming productions dropped from five to four. Projects can still derive a benefit of 20% of their qualifiying expenditure, which is based on the cost of Croatian cast and crew working in Croatia, as well as goods and services purchased in Croatia, with around 2.6 million ERU cap per project.

    Total admissions were 3.99 m in 2013 of which 443,539 tickets were sold by the sixteen domestic titles released in 2013 and the two domestic title released late 2012. Total box office was 15.59 m EUR in 2013. Admissions per capita was 0.95 in 2013.

    With 158,130 viewers Vinko Brešan's comedy The Priest’s Children (Interfilm) distributed by Continental Film became the most watched Croatian film in the 21st century and the second hit in 2013. It is followed by Silvije Petranović's The Brave Adventures of a Little Shoemaker (Maydi Film) distributed by Blitz Film &Video with admissions of 129,174, Dražen Žarković's The Mysterious Boy (Kinorama) distributed by 2i Film, with 68,969 tickets, while the Vlatka Vorkapić's debut feature Sonja and the Bull by (Interfilm), distributed by Duplicato, sold 97,927 tickets in 2013. 

    The total admissions chart is topped by Smurfs 2 with admissions of 205,217, followed by The Priest's Children, Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The Brave Adventures of a Little Shoemaker and The Hangover 3. 

    The Facts and Figures 2013 published by HAVC also notes that in Croatia, the top 20 feature films represent more than 50% of the total theatrical market value. Since 2008 the market has been fairly stable with around 3.3 m tickets sold per year. The domestic share has in the same period fluctuated widely, registering an all time low as in 2009 and steadily growing to 8.61 % in 2012 and 11% in 2013. 

    Although the number of releases increased from 185 in 2012 to 203 in 2013, the total admissions slightly decreased from 4.06m in 2012 to 3.99m in 2013. In 2011 the total admissions were 3.34m. And even if in 2013 the number of the Croatian films released, 11, was the same as in 2012, the domestic market share increased significantly from 8.61% to 11.1%. Admissions per capita slightly decreased from 0.96% in 2012 to 0.95% in 2013 (it was 0,78% in 2011.).

    Of the 153 screens operating in 2013, 137 (87%) were already digitalised. In 2013, 29 independent cinemas were digitalised, and the Ministry of Culture promised that the remaining 15 cinemas will be digitalised by the end of 2015. The number of digitalised screens increased from 100 in 2012 to 137 in 2013.