Croatia to Launch New Independent Exhibitors Network


    ZADAR: A new network for independent exhibitors is set to be launched in Croatia. Under the auspices of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, this initiative is a part of a long-term strategy to enhance the competitiveness of the local industry.

    "In previous years, a single screen private cinema like ours faced huge administrative barriers, lack of financial and programming support and lack of the films needed to ensure the diversity of the programme" says Marijana Bosnjak, CEO and Head of Board of Kino Urania.

    Tina Hajon, director of the theatrical exhibition at the HAVC said that overall that almost 137 screens of 153 in the country are digitalized. Under the Croatian National Strategic Programme for Audiovisual Industry 2012-2014, a total of 28 independent cinemas were equipped with digital projectors. Programming guidelines were put in place which stated that the cinemas have to focus on Croatian, European, documentary, short and youth films. The cinemas have to have film literacy programmes and work with more educational films. The decision to create the new network was made during the first congress of the Croatian Independent cinema exhibitors KIN-KONG, which was held in Zadar during the Avvantura Film Festival earlier this year.

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