Croatia Takes Nearly Half of Game of Thrones Foreign Spend in 2014

    Game of Thrones Game of Thrones

    ZAGREB: Foreign film production is on a roll in Croatia. The Croatian Audiovisual Centre estimates that international productions will spend approximately 13.8 m EUR/105 m HRK in Croatia in 2014 with the number of the shooting days increasing every year since 2012.

    HAVC director Hrvoje Hribar said while visiting the Dubrovnik set of the HBO's series Game of Thrones that the tax incentives scheme brought more money with every new year. Foreign film production spend was 3.3 m EUR/25 m HRK in 2012, growing to 7.6 m EUR/58 m HRK in 2013, and 13.8 m EUR/105 m HRK is expected in 2014. Foreign productions are also spending more time in Croatia, from 82 shooting days in 2012 to 156 days in 2013 and 210 shooting days expected in 2014.

    The fifth season of Game of Thrones, currently in shooting in Croatia with local company Embassy Films providing facilities, is spending approximately 5.7 m EUR/43 m HRK in Croatia, and it should get a return of investment of approximately 1.1 m EUR/8.5 m HRK, according to HAVC. Some 300 Croatian film professionals and extras have been working throughout the 33 shooting days of the fifth season of the series.