December Croatian Premieres Expect to Boost Local Box Office

    Life Is a Trumpet by Antonio Nuić Life Is a Trumpet by Antonio Nuić

    ZAGREB: Life Is a Trumpet by Antonio Nuić and Ljiljan Vidić’s Baptism of Fire by Ivan Goran-Vitez will be released by Blitz film i video in December 2015. They will compete with The High Sun by Dalibor Matanić which had 42,815 admissions through October 2015.

    Life Is a Trumpet / Život je truba by award-winning writer/director Antonio Nuić, is a drama/comedy about a trumpet jazz performer and a psychologist who are about to get married. He comes from a wealthy family of business owners, while she is from a classic middle-class background. The film will open on 3 December 2015.

    The film stars Bojan Navojec and Iva Babić, and is produced by Croatia's Propeler Film, Serbia's Baš Čelik, Montenegro's Artikulacija production, Slovenia's Staragara and Croatian Radiotelevision.

    Ljiljan Vidić’s Baptism of Fire /Narodni heroj Ljiljan Vidića by Ivan Goran-Vitez, to be released on 31 December 2015, is a partisan-comedy set in 1944. This satirical coming-of-age story focuses on Ljiljan Vidić, played by Kristijan Jaić, a young rustic poet sent by the Partisans to participate in the talent show Factor X to get close to and assassinate Hitler. Inter Film is producing in coproduction with Serbia’s Zillona film.

    According to Continental Film, the domestic chart is topped by The High Sun / Zvizdan by Dalibor Matanić with 42,815 admissions up to now. The other six domestic releases in 2015 didn’t have great results up to now: You Carry Me / Ti mene nosiš (4Film) by Ivona Juka had 8,050 admissions, These Are the Rules /Takva su pravila (Maxima Film) by Ognen Sviličić had 3,504 admissions, Zagreb Cappuccino (Maxima Film) by Vanja Sviličić 1,242 admissions, the minority coproduction No One’s Child / Ničije dijete (Baboon Production, Kinorama ) by Vuk Ršumović 736 admissions, The Reaper / Kosac (Kinorama, Forum Ljubljana) by Zvonimir Jurić 512 admissions and the Bridge at the End of the World / Most na kraju svijeta (Artizana Film) by Branko Ištvančić had 352 admissions.