FNE Europa Cinemas: Cinema of the Month: Kino Kannel, Võru (Estonia)

This month we speak with Kris Kelp, the manager of Cinema Kino Kannel from Võru, Estonia. Kino Kannel is part of Võru Culture Centre and has been a member of…

Class Reunion Sets Opening Record in Estonia

TALLINN: Estonian production Class Reunion, a remake slapstick comedy by Rene Vilbre, has broken the all-time opening weekend box office record for a domestic film in Estonia with over 33,000…

Third Multiplex to Open in Tallinn

TALLINN: Apollo Kino cinema chain opened its third multiplex in Estonia and the second in the capital city of Tallinn. The new multiplex has six screens with 800 seats and…

GRANTS: Estonia Announces Grants

TALLINN: The Estonian Film Institute gave almost 850,000 EUR as production grants for the new feature films by Jaak Kilmi and Katrin and Andres Maimik.
04-02-2016 m

Estonia Sees Best Box Office in Decades

TALLINN: Estonia recorded its best box office in decades in 2015 with 18% gross growth and almost 20% admissions growth compared to 2014.

The Master Wins Best Estonian Film of the Year

TALLINN: Riho Unt’s short animated film The Master / Isand received the Neitsi Maali/Virgin Maali Award for Best Estonian Film in 2015.

Estonia Announces First Call for New Cash Rebate

TALLINN: Estonian Film Institute opened the first call for applications to the country’s new cash rebate fund FilmEstonia. The 600,000 EUR budget for the pilot year is set to grow…

Estonian Coproduction Short-Listed for Oscars

TALLINN: The Fencer, a Finnish/Estonia coproduction directed by Klaus Härö, has been short-listed for the upcoming Oscars in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

FNE Country Report 2015: Estonia

The defining events for Estonia’s film industry in 2015 were: the decision to introduce a cash rebate scheme for incoming productions which will take effect in 2016, alongside two regional…

Estonian Coproduction Competes for Golden Globes

TALLINN: The Fencer, a Finnish/Estonia coproduction directed by Klaus Härö, is competing in the Golden Globes Best Foreign Language Film category.

FNE at Tallinn Black Nights 2015: Prize Winners

TALLINN: The 19th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival awarded its top prize to the South Korean film Sado by director Lee Joon-ik with the director and producer picking up an…
30-11-2015 m

Estonia’s Tartu Film Fund to Triple its Budget

TALLINN: The Estonian regional Tartu Film Fund in the city of Tartu has announced that it will increase the amount of funding available in the next five years to 450,000…
26-11-2015 m

FNE TV: Tiina Lokk Director Black Nights Film Festival

FNE asked Tiina Lokk about how being an A category festival is changing the Black Nights Film Festival and why the European Commission chose Tallinn as the place to wind…

FNE TV: Marge Liiske Managing Director Baltic Event

FNE asked Marge Liiske about how the Baltic Event is helping Estonian filmmakers to collaborate with European partners and to make to voice of Estonian culture heard beyond its borders.

FNE at Baltic Event: Latvian/Estonian What Nobody Can See in Production

TALLINN: What Nobody Can See, a psychological thriller by Latvian director Stanislavs Tokalovs, was showcased at Baltic Event Works in Progess hosted by the Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn.

FNE at Baltic Event: A Estonian/Finish Slasher Horror Film in Production

TALLINN: Bodom, a slasher horror film directed by Taneli Mustonen, was presented at Baltic Events Works In Progress hosted by Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn.

FNE at Baltic Event: Slovak/German Freedom in Production

TALLINN: Freedom, a drama from Jan Speckenbach exploring the issue of loss and the search for identity, was presented at Baltic Works in Progress hosted by Black Nights Film Festival…

FNE TV: Edith Sepp Director Estonian Film Institute and Chair of the Film New Europe Association

FNE asked Edith Sepp about Estonia’s new tax rebate scheme that launches on 1 January 2016 and how it will help to bring more productions to shoot in Estonia.

FNE at Baltic Event: Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian Pretenders in Production

TALLINN: Pretenders, a coproduction between Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and the feature debut from Estonian director Vallo Toomla explores the generation of millennials in their 30's. The Eurimages supported project…