FESTIVALS: Mediawave International Competition

By FNE Staff

    {mosimage}Five feature films will compete in the main competition of the 22nd edition of the Hungarian Mediawave IFF (www.mediawavefestival.hu , taking place 26-30 April in Fort Monostor.

    The 74 films in the competitions include17 short fictions, 20 animations, 19 experimental and 13 documentary films.

    The list of feature films in competition follows:

    FEATURE FILMS 1. (87')A kazánfűtő Alexey BALABANOV (Russia): Kochegar / The Stoker 87 min. The film, set in the mid 1990s outside of St. Petersburg, tells the story of an ethnic Yakut, Major Skryabin, a shell-shocked veteran of the Afghan-Soviet War, who works as a stoker.

    FEATURE FILMS 2. (88')Két év a tengernél Ben RIVERS (United Kingdom): Two Years At Sea 88 min. A man called Jake lives in the middle of the forest. He goes for walks in whatever the weather, and takes naps in the misty fields and woods. He builds a raft to spend time sitting in a loch. Drives a beat-up jeep to pick up wood supplies.

    FEATURE FILMS 3. (70')Lánya...Apja...Lánya Panahbarkhoda REZAEE (Iran): Dokhtar...Pedar...Dokhtar / Daughter...Father...Daughter 70 min.The film poetically traces the solitary existence of three sisters living in the traditional central western region of Iran, where the occasional travelling salesman serves as a distraction from the general monotony.

    FEATURE FILMS 4. (87')Peremlét Bogdan George APERTI (Romania / Austria): Periferic / Outbound 87 min. Midway through her prison sentence, rebellious and self-destructing Matilda is granted a 24-hour temporary release to attend her mother's funeral. Not willing to return to jail, she plans to escape and flee the country. But before the day is over, Matilda must first confront her troubled past.

    FEATURE FILMS 5. (98')Berkenye keringő Alyona SEMENOVA, Alexander SMIRNOV (Russia): Ryabinoviy Vals / The Rowan Waltz 98 min.As World War II wanes, the Soviet government sends envoys to villages in northern Russia. Their mission is to teach teenage girls to defuse German bombs still embedded in the earth. Meanwhile, the rowan trees are in bloom; they blossom only briefly, yet their wood is resilient.