Production: Csaba Fazekas's Swing Shooting

"Boldog születésnapot!", dir. Csaba Fazekas "Boldog születésnapot!", dir. Csaba Fazekas

BUDAPEST: Csaba Fazekas (Boldog születésnapot!) is shooting his second feature, Swing, a musical comedy inspired by Hungarian hits. The story is driven by three desperate women who join together to turn their lives around, mixing jazzy beats with drama.

Producer Unio Film (http://www.uniofilm.hu/) has won HUF325 million (1 m EUR) from the National Film Fund (http://filmalap.hu/http://filmalap.hu/) from an overall budget of 1.4 m EUR, the rest secured from co-producers TV2 (http://tv2.hu/) and Sparks Camera & Lighting (http://www.sparks.hu/welcome.php).

The 40-day shoot started 27 July. Theatrical release is planned for March.


Director: Csaba Fazekas
Script: Csaba Fazekas
DoP: Dániel Garas
Producer: Márk Bodzsár
Music: Csaba Faltay
Costumes: Márk Lakatos

Cast: Mari Törőcsik, Eszter Ónodi, Eszter Csákányi, Franciska Törőcsik

Production company:
Unio Film Kft.