Jandera begins filming September 8

By Gyorgy Karpati

    Viktor Oszkar Nagy's debut film Jandera will start September 8, producer Peter Miskolczi told FNE.

    The story, about the rivaling of a father and his teenager son set in the early 90's, will star Janos Derzsi (seen in Bela Tarr's films) and a cast of unknown young actors. The cinematographer is Tamas Dobos, a film school classmate of Nagy.

    The four week film schedule will last until mid-October. The budget of the drama is approximately €500,000, with €271,000 from the Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (www.mmka.hu), €105,000 from the National Cultural Fund of Hungary (www.nka.hu), and the rest from the tax system and from indirect support.

    The production company of the movie is Eurofilm, under the direction of Peter Miskolczi, whose previous credits include After the Day Before (2004) and co-production partner for Bathory, Copying Beethoven, and Walter Carvalho's Budapest. Mickolczi told FNE that he expects Jandera to be a strong festival movie and attract international sales.

    The film should be released in the second half of 2009.