Fluke in postproduction

By Gyorgy Karpati
    Tamas Kemenyffy's directorial feature debut Fluke (http://mazli.film.hu/) is in postproduction, following a month-long shoot, and will be released in Hungary October 23, the director told FNE.
    The young director previously won several awards with his short film Lucky Man.

    The production companies are the Hungarian Extreme Film (http://www.extremefilm.com/) with the producer Dalma Hidas, the French Sunday Films with the producer Raymond Parizer, the German Script House (http://www.scripthouse.de/) with the producer Jurgen Seidler, and the German Studio Mitte (http://www.studio-mitte.com/) with the producer Jorn Zielke.

    The co-production's budget was 1 million euros. Of that, 213,000 euros comes from the Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary's (http://www.mmka.hu/) co-production competition, 43,000 euros comes from the Foundation's production support and 64,000 refundable support, and 170,000 euros from the Hungarian national TV channel MTV (http://www.mtv.hu/). The rest comes from Extreme Film, Hungarian sponsors and the co-production partners.

    There was a market screening in Cannes; however the official premier will be in Hungary on 23rd October. The German dubbing is in progress and the German release is planned for 2009. The Festival release of the movie will be at the Hungarian Film Week.

    The international sales rights are divided among several companies: the French rights' owner is Sunday Films, the rights for Germany are at Script House and Studio Mitte, and the rights for the rest of the world belongs to Hungaricom (http://www.hungaricom.com/) under managing director Zsuzsa Kalomista.

    The story is a reality satire about a small Hungarian border village full of colorful characters, whose lives radically change when they find diesel oil - in the pipeline of an Austrian Oil Company.