Hungarian state film funding set through 2013

By Dániel Deák
    MMKA (Motion Picture Foundation of Hungary) and the Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture (www.okm.gov.hu) have signed a three year agreement securing the budget of the main funder of Hungarian film industry, MMKA (www.mmka.hu).

    István Hiller, the Ministry of Education and Culture said at the award ceremony of Hungarian Film Week, the grant will be raised slightly to provide stable support for MMKA.

    According to the agreement the grant will be 19 million Euro in 2010, 24 million Euro in 2011, 26 million Euro in 2012 and 29.5 million Euro in 2013.

    Hiller added that the film funding system is working, and though it can be improved there is no reason to change it.

    Both Zoltán Kőrösi, the new president of MMKA and most Hungarian producers expect that the agreement will help to establish the long term strategy of the Hungarian film industry, allowing it to remain independent from political pressure.