PRODUCTION: Gödrös in Preproduction with The Beginning of Things

By FNE Staff

    BUDAPEST: Hungarian director Frigyes Gödrös is in preproduction with a Hungarian-Cuban coproduction based on Cuban magical realist writer Alejo Carpentier's novella Viaje a la Semilla (The Beginning of Things).

    The project was invited to the 2nd Latin American-European Coproduction Workshop held 2-5 October 2010, and organized by the Media Business School - Spain, the Rio de Janeiro IFF, and the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. The film has attracted early interest from Brazilian, Argentine and Venezuelan producers.

    The Beginning of Things is produced by Glamour Films (www.glamourfilms.hu) and Cameofilm (www.cameofilm.hu) of Hungary, and ICAIC of Cuba, and written by Gödrös and Can Togay. The project, with a projected budget of 3-4 million euros, is currently financing, and plans filming on location in Cuba.

    The story is about a Cuban nobleman's life in pre-revolutionary Cuba, told backwards through time. The work, according to Gödrös, "examines the effects of time, its structure, and its role in the conflicts and tragedies of life," and will also delve into the worlds of Afro-Cuban religion and traditional music.

    The theatrical release is planned for late 2011 or early 2012.