Foreign and Film Service Productions on the Rise in Hungary

By FNE Staff

    The 2010 year was the most successful period for foreign film productions and film services in Hungary. Of the 135 million spent on film production in the country, 75% came from the foreign and film service sector.

    According to data published by the National Film Office (www.nemzetifilmiroda.hu), the volume of foreign and service productions in Hungary increased significantly in 2010, making it the most financially successful year since the implementation of the Hungarian Film Law in 2004, which ensures a 20% tax incentive for movies made in Hungary.

    Miklós Taba, head of the National Film Office, said the figures show that the tax incentive system is among the best in Europe and that Hungary is one of the most attractive shooting locations for the productions. Taba expects the increase to continue in 2011, Universal has already announced shooting of its 3D picture 47 Ronin in Hungary.

    At the same time, the volume of Hungarian films and coproductions dropped to half in 2010, compared with 2009. The decrease is due mainly to the insolvency of the Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation (www.mmka.hu).