Director of international hit Fresh Air launches new project

By BY Anna Franklin in Karlovy Vary
    KARLOVY VARY: One of Hungary's hottest new production outfits, KMH Film (www.khm.hu), has announced that it is in pre-production on a new film by Agnes Kocsis titled Adrian Pal which will begin shooting in September.
    Kocsis directed KHM's Fresh Air which was the country's biggest international success in the past two years winning 14 awards and participating in over 70 international festivals.

    Adrian Pal is a co-production between KHM and Freibeuter Film (www.freibeuterfilm.at) (Austria), Isabella Films (www.isabellafilms.com) (Netherlands) and Cinemadefacto (www.cinemadefacto.com) (France) with support of the EU Media programme, MMKA (Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation www.mmka.hu) the Vienna Film Fund (www.filmfonds-wien.at) and the Netherlands Film Fund (www.filmfund.nl) The 1.5 m Euro production won the Cinelink (www.sff.ba) project award last year.

    KHM was formed by five young Hungarian directors while they were still in film school, Agnes Kocsis, Atila Gigor, Reka Szabo, Balazs Krascnamorkai and Natalia Janossy. Their aim is to work together to produce films in a workshop atmosphere. Ferenc Pusztai is KHM's chief producer and he was in Karlovy Vary to promote the outfit's second feature production directed by young Hungarian director Atila Gigor whose film, The Investigator, is screening in the main competition programme in KVIFF this year.

    "It looks like we might repeat our Fresh Air success judging from the initial reactions to the film," he said, "the KVIFF screening is very important for us as it will tell us the international audience reaction to the film."

    The other three KHM directors who are partners in the company also have films in development and all of them are expected to direct films produced by KHM within the next one and a half years.