HBO Europe Acquires Broadcasting Rights for Latvian/Czech/Lithuanian Coproduction Bille

    Bille by Inara Kolmane Bille by Inara Kolmane photo: Janis Deinats

    RIGA: Ināra Kolmane’s 2018 feature film Bille, produced in the framework of the Latvian Centenary Film Programme, has become the first Latvian feature film bought for broadcasting by the international premium TV group HBO Europe. The film is a coproduction between Film Studio Deviņi (Latvia), Masterfilm (Czech Republic), Magic Lab (Czech Republic) and Studija 2 (Lithuania).

    The film’s international distribution is handled by Italian based distribution company TVCO, which has also secured additional licences for the film on TV and VOD platforms in Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, China, Spain, and other countries.

    Bille is based on the best-selling novel by the same name, written by Latvian writer and candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature Vizma Belševica. It is an autobiographical story portraying her childhood in 1930’s Latvia.

    The film was awarded the Best Fiction Film award at the Latvian National Film Festival in 2018, it received the Best Feature Award at the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Isfahan (Iran), among other awards. It has been screened and is still shown at numerous festivals.