GRANTS: Latvia Awards 19 Production Grants for 2020


    RIGA: The National Film Centre of Latvia has announced production grants for 2020. The grants in the amount of 1,768,327 EUR have been distributed to 19 film projects, including five full length fiction films, eight documentaries and six animated films. Eleven of the projects are made by female directors.

    Among the supported projects there are the debut feature Sisters / Māsas by Linda Olte, produced by Fenixfilm, about two sisters who had grown up in an orphanage; Ināra Kolmane’s film Soviet Milk / Mātes piens produced by Deviņi, based on a novel by Latvian writer Nora Ikstena, which has been translated into many languages; and the third film Barbarians / Barbari by Juris Kursietis, produced by White Picture.

    Documentary films cover a wide range of topics, focusing on issues of art - filmmaker Juris Podnieks A Man and His Time / Podnieks par Podnieku by Anna Viduleja at Jura Podnieka studija, the society - Nord Express by Kārlis Lesiņš at Mistrus Media, on the railway project connecting Baltic countries, and religion - Fluctuations / Sieviete un Dievs, on women’s resistance to the laws of the contemporary Church, directed by Kristīne Briede at Ruck Art Foundation. Latvian animation film director Roze Stiebra received funding for her next full-length film Rule of the Heart / Sirds likums produced by Lokomotīve.

    Click HERE for the full grants chart.