More doc funding for Latvia

By Uldis Dimisevskis
    The National Film Centre of Latvia (NFC) has received 26 documentary film project proposals for the second film project competition in 2008.

    The results of this selection, which will allocate 130,000 euros, will be announced in the beginning of October.

    This year's NFC budget of 3.9 million euros for film production and development is nearly twice as large as the budget of 2007 (2.1 million euros). The annual competition for film production and development that took place in Spring of 2008 received in total 103 project proposals that went through a two-part selection process, resulted in support for 11 feature-length films, 7 short films, 19 documentaries, and 12 animated films, including 2 features. The year will see releases of 4 features as well as completion of 6 shorts, 20 documentary and 10 animated film projects supported by the NFC.

    The NFC supports Latvia's professional film production and film culture through annual film and film-related project competitions. The support is provided to writing of film scripts, to production and development of feature-length/ short films, documentary or animated films, including international co-productions, to film projects that have received support from the EU public funds, and, finally, to film marketing and distribution related projects.