FESTIVALS: Georgia, Latvia in the Spotlight at Riga Children's Film Festival

By FNE Staff

    RIGA: The IX Riga International Children's Film Festival "Berimors" (8-14 April 2011, http://festivali.arsenals.lv/berimors/lv/) will feature a special selection of animated films from Georgia and Latvia.

    The festival traditionally screens films from the Baltics, Nordic countries, and Northern Europe. This year "Berimors" will screen 11 feature-length films and more than twenty short animation films representing 7 countries: Latvia, Georgia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, the Czech Republic and Germany.

    The novelty at the festival will be the section of Georgian animation films, ranging from favorite old classics to the newest production. "Beromirs" will also screen six colourful animation films produced by the film studio "Dauka" and familiar to people of different generations, including "Dillī Dallī Perpendikula valstībā" (1975) and "Uzpasaka" (1986) and other films. The selection also includes "Zīļuks" created by the director Dace Ridūze basing on the story by Margarita Stāraste. "Zīļuks" was produced by the film studio "Animācijas brigāde". This year this film was screened at the Berlin International Film Festival.

    The festival's jury is comprised of young children.