Lithuania Approves National Film Centre

By FNE Staff

    VILNIUS: The Lithuanian government approved the formation of a Lithuanian Film Centre on 19 April 2012, following upon the December 2011 passage of a new film law which paved the way for the Centre.

    Filmmakers had been working toward the establishment of a film centre for "approximately 10-15 years," producer and head of the Independent Producers Association Rasa Miskinyte told FNE. "The main player and the person behind was and is Gytis Luksas, president of Lithuanian Filmmakers Union (www.kinosajunga.lt). Though it was only in 2011 when the Filmmakers Union and the already influential Producers Association started playing the same ballgame - working on the new Film Law - that the process moved forward fast."

    "All film professionals were waiting for own film institution; now we have it. And our next step will be to ensure that the Film Centre will serve the needs of film professionals versus becoming a purely bureaucratic institution serving its own purposes," Miskinyte added.