Lithuania Opens First Drive-in Cinema


    VILNIUS: Traditional cinemas remain closed, but one Lithuanian company has found an alternative way to keep film in the public eye. Lithuania‘s first drive-in cinema ŽMONĖS Cinema Drive-in opens on 17 April 2020.

    The organisers consulted with managers from German and Norwegian drive-in cinemas regarding requirements to ensure maximum safety. It will be possible to watch films only from the car, and viewers are forbidden from exiting their cars. Another important aspect is the limited number of people, with no more than two in one car. To avoid any contact, only electronic tickets will be sold.

    The initiator of the first „ŽMONĖS Cinema Drive-in“, Tomas Balžekas said, "We are starting with one screen and 180 cars, but in our plans there are 3 screens and 3 films to be shown at the same time.“

    The „ŽMONĖS Cinema drive-in“ season will start with the Lithuanian romantic comedy Perfect Dating / Tobulas pasimatymas directed by Robertas Razma, produced and distributed by Nord Play. The drive-in cinema will stay open through the summer of 2020.