Cutbacks at Lithuanian National Radio and TV

By Auksė Kancerevičiūtė

    Public broadcaster Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT, www.lrt.lt ) saw revenues losses climb in 2009, to 10.565 million Litas.

    That compares with net profits of LRT was 3 million Litas (€ 850,000) for 2007, a net loss of 6.5 million Litas in 2008, according to Lithuania‘s national broadcasting council.

    Forced by debts and a tight budget, the council has decided to shorten the national broadcaster's transmission time. National radio broadcasting will be cut to 18 hours per day and analogue TV transmissions will be also shortened to 9 hours on Mondays to Thursdays. The changes will come into effect on May 1.

    LRT, which operates two national television and three radio channels, receives about 75% of its funding from the Lithuanian government.

    Funding from the state budget is 35 million Litas (€10 million) for the year 2011.

    LRT has been a member of European Broadcasting Union (EBU) since 1993.