Bathory preps holiday DVD release

By FNE Staff
    Will lightning strike twice? Bathory, the record-breaking film credited with reviving Slovak interest in domestic films, hopes so, with a holiday edition DVD release planned in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

    Deana Jakubiskova-Horvathova, who produced the film directed by her husband, Slovak director Juraj Jakubisko, told FNE that the film will be released in a special edition package, hitting shops in time for the pre-Christmas rush. The DVD release is scheduled for November 9.

    The film itself is being released in both DVD and Blu-Ray format. Accompanying the movie is a double music CD, with one CD containing music from the film and the second CD containing additional music composed for the film that didn't make it into the final cut.

    Bathory attendance topped 430,000 in Slovakia, and the film attracted over 900,000 viewers in the Czech Republic in its summer 2008 release. It was re-released in cinemas in summer 2009.