Hungarian films at Cottbus

By Dávid Dercsényi
    Four Hungarian films are being presented in the 19th Filmfestival Cottbus (filmfestival.pool-production.de), the festival of films from Eastern-Europe taking place through November 14.

    György Pálfi and Zsófia Ruttkay will attend Cottbus to introduce their film I'm not your Friend (Nem vagyok a barátod) themself, which is screening in the Feature Film Competition where there are ten films competing.

    The Short Feature Competition, also with ten selected films, will screen The Confession (Vallomás), directed by Pici Pápai who will also personally introduce the film.

    In the National Hits: popular successes from Eastern Europe section, Hungary will be represented by Kind Of America directed by Gábor Herendi.

    The Spectrum: current trends, international co-productions section included the musical directed by Gergely Fonyó, Made in Hungaria.