CentEast Market briefs

By CentEast Staff

    $20,000 from Göteborg helps: Armenian producer Armine Anda came straight to the CentEast Market at the Warsaw International Film Festival from Pusan, where her new project - Armenian director Mikayel Vatinyan's Joan and the Voices (Jannan ev dzainere) received Sweden's Göteborg International Film Festival's $20,000 support. Göteborg has for nine years collaborated with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, SIDA, to back film productions in countries with young and upcoming cinematographies. Anda, who co-wrote Joan and the Voices, is in Warsaw to find co-producers for the €460,000 feature about a young woman who leaves family and friends to find her own voice. (Szymon Waćkowski).

    From music videos to a novella film: One of Poland's best-known music video directors, Anna Maliszewska - a multiple nominee for the Yach Award, often competing with herself (in 2006 she had submitted 11 titles) - has not always been happy with her outlets. "The problem in Poland is money. You have a great band, great music, but no budget. What's even more tragic is that no one broadcasts Polish music videos, apart from niche music TV stations. TVP [public television] used to support their production. Music videos flourished, people wanted to watch them. Now we produce into a void," she once said in an interview. At the CentEast Market in Warsaw she participates in a new role, as the director of Room for a Quick One (Pokój szybkich randek), a 30-minute novella film selected for the market screenings. Room for a Quick One is the story of a young married couple on the threshold of a happy life together - until he is sent to prison. Will love last? (Magdalena Ulejczyk).