PRODUCTION: Marian Crişan in Postproduction with Orizont

    Marian Crisan Marian Crisan

    BUCHAREST: Romanian director Marian Crişan is in postproduction on Orizont and plans to release it in late 2015.

    Orizont is loosely based on the classical Romanian novella The Mill Of Good Luck/Moara cu noroc by Ioan Slavici. Crişan has moved the story from the 19th century to the present day following a young family who return to Romania after working abroad for many years. They run a guest house named Orizont deep in the mountains where everything, including their life, is controlled by Zoli, an outlaw involved in illegal deforestation.

    Oleg Mutu (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, Mobra Films) shot the film. The main characters are played by: Andras Hathazi, Rodica Lazăr and Bogdan Zsolt. Shooting took place in the Apuseni Mountains, Cluj County and Western Romania over 24 days in November and December 2014.

    The film is a joint production of Solar Indie Junction, Mandragora Movies and Rova Film. The producers are: Viorel Sergovici, Bobby Păunescu, Mihai Dorobanţu and Marian Crişan.

    The estimated budget is 800,000 EUR, Marian Crişan told FNE. The project benefitted from a production grant of approximately 139,000 EUR/614,000 RON from the National Centre for Cinema in April 2013. No sales agent is attached to the project yet. The novella The Mill Of Good Luck was adapted by Victor Iliu into a film under the same title, which screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 1957.

    Production Information:

    Solar Indie Junction
    44 Drumul Bisericii st
    077190 Voluntari, Ilfov
    Viorel Sergovici: +40 722 245 005
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    Mandragora Movies
    2-4 Cristian Popisteanu st.
    010024 Bucharest-Romania
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    Rova Film
    14 Tudor Arghezi street
    Bucharest, Romania
    Mobile: +40721229176

    Director: Marian Crişan
    Script: Marian Crişan
    DoP: Oleg Mutu
    Editing: Tudor Pojoni
    Sound design: Mihai Bogos
    Cast: Andras Hathazi, Rodica Lazăr, Bogdan Zsolt, Maria Seles, Valeriu Andriuţă, Emilian Oprea, Ioan Paraschiv