Romanian Music Channel Taraf TV to Broadcast in America and Asia


    BUCHAREST: The Audiovisual Council of Romania has approved that the Taraf TV channel expand its broadcast coverage to Europe, North America and South-East Asia.

    According to the Mediafax agency, the council modified the licence of Taraf TV on 4 June 2015. Taraf TV, which is controlled by Real Top Media TV SRL received its satellite licence in 2005. The licence was recently renewed for another nine years.

    According to Kantar Media, which monitored the channel for one day in April 2015, Taraf TV is third on the national chart of music channels after Etno TV and Favorit TV which both broadcast folk music. Taraf TV had a rating of 20 viewers per minute and a market share of 0.46%.

    Etno TV is run by Etno Folclor Media SRL and controlled by two associates, Honorius Adrian Prigoana and Rares Alexandru Gardus, who own 50 % of Taraf TV.