FNE at Berlinale 2017: Romanian Film in Berlin

By Romanian Film Centre

    The Romanian Film Centre will be pleased to meet you in Berlin/EFM at MGB/G2!

    We feel proud to announce our new releases and our new catalogue!
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    Company Representatives:
    Mihai Fulger - Sales Department
    Bogdan Movileanu - Sales Department

    Our screenings in the EFM:

    Market Premiere
    Breaking News by Iulia Rugina
    After he indirectly caused the death of his cameraman, reporter Alex Mazilu shoots an in memoriam reportage covering his life. 3 days before Christmas, in a town by the sea, Alex puts together puzzle pieces of this man's life...

    Romania 2016, 81’, Romanian
    with Andi Vasluianu, Voica Oltean

    Screening Dates
    Tue Feb 14    13:00    CinemaxX 18 (E)

    Market Premiere
    The Anniversary / Aniversarea by Dan Chisu
    Family members and former colleagues gather at Radu Maligan's 94th birthday party. Things get complicated when some of the guests try to convince him to confess his sins to a priest...

    Romania 2016, 92’, Romanian
    with Mircea Albulescu, Simona Bondoc, Razvan Vasilescu, Emilia Dobrin

    Screening Dates
    Tue Feb 14    16:50    CinemaxX 14 (E)    

    Market Premiere
    The Last Day / Ultima zi by Gabriel Achim
    A special journey undertaken by 4 men. The mayor, the policeman and the leader of the Christian Youth accompany their friend on his trip to a monastery where he decides to start a new life as a monk – and run away from his past...

    Romania/France 2016, 105’, Romanian
    with Mimi Branescu, Doru Ana, Adrian Vancica, Rodica Lazar
    Road movie

    Berlinale Talents Alumni
    Screening Dates
    Mon Feb 13    09:00    CinemaxX 17 (E)    

    Market Premiere
    THE MANAKIA BROTHERS.A Diary of a Long Look Back by Eliza Zdru
    A quest to discover the origins of an old photograph takes a winding road in the Balkans and ends up being an introspection on the first images ever filmed in the region.

    Romania 2016, 95’, Romanian

    Screening Dates
    Tue Feb 14    14:30    CinemaxX 18 (E)

    Market Premiere
    Planet Petrila / Planeta Petrila by Andrei Dascalescu
    As miners in the Romanian town of Petrila go down the mine for the last time, artist and ex–miner Ion Barbu struggles with his mission to preserve Petrila's coal mine as a cultural heritage.

    Romania 2016, 80’, Romanian

    Meet the Docs
    Screening Dates
    Mon Feb 13    12:30    CinemaxX 17 (E)

    Market Premiere
    Two Lottery Tickets / Doua lozuri by Paul Negoescu
    Dinel, Sile and Pompiliu, three men from a provincial town win the big lottery prize. But soon the ticket gets lost, so they embark on a journey to get it back.

    Romania 2016, 86’, Romanian
    with Alexandru Papadopol, Dragos Bucur, Dorian Boguta

    Screening Dates
    Mon Feb 13    10:50    CinemaxX 17 (E)