5GANG: Another Christmas Breaks Opening Record in Romania

    5GANG: Another Christmas by Matei Dima 5GANG: Another Christmas by Matei Dima

    BUCHAREST: Teen comedy 5GANG: Another Christmas, the debut feature by vlogger Matei Dima, tops the weekly Romanian box office with 146,784 admissions and 592,738 EUR / 2,831,396 RON gross. The film, released on 27 December 2019, set the opening record in Romania since 1989 and holds the 24th position in the general box office.

    5GANG: Another Christmas / 5GANG: Un altfel de Crăciun was produced by Matei Dima through BRomania and stars popular Romanian vlogger Selly alongside his band 5GANG, as well as Cosmin Nedelcu (Micutzu), Laura Giurcanu, Julia Marcan, Dorian Popa, Vali Dobrogeanu, Cristina Almăşan, Irina Deaconescu and Mădălina Cazacu.

    The film was approved for the Romanian 35% cash rebates (102,693 EUR / 490,547 RON) and it is distributed by Vertical Entertainment. Ten thousand tickets were pre-sold in the opening weekend, according to a press release.

    With only a few days in theatres in 2019, 5GANG: Another Christmas becomes the second most popular Romanian film in 2019 after Cristina Jacob’s teen comedy Oh, Ramona!, which is 11th in the general box office with 260,531 admissions and 1,066,468 EUR / 5,094,311 RON gross.

    Oh, Ramona! had set the previous opening record in Romania in the last 30 years with 111,881 admissions and 470,142 EUR / 2,209,669 RON gross, according to Romanian film portal Cinemagia.