Romanian Actress in the Spotlight: Meda Victor

By Anca Paduraru

    Meda Victor, 24, had her film debut this fall, in Horatiu Malaele's Silent Wedding playing the female lead, a young bride-to-be who is widowed by the end of the movie by a tragic twist of events.

    Both Victor and the actor in the lead male role, Alexandru Potocean, play sex-crazed youngsters, on whom the parents force a wedding to legitimize what was until then, in the eyes of their rural farming community, just sheer debauchery.

    Victor and Potocean play two scenes of love making, but the mood established by first-time film director Malaele gracefully conveys only the incessant energy and zest for sex by young people discovering it for the first time.

    Victor is currently a full-time student towards a master in fine arts at the private Hyperion University, where she also took her bachelor in drama studies. She turned to acting after solid training in ballet, and her slender figure and fluid movement shows that. She landed the part of the bride in Silent Wedding after taking part in a general casting session.

    On stage she has acted in the Romanian productions of Chicago and Broadway musicals at the National Theater in Bucharest, and is now rehearsing for The Gilgamesh Odyssey, directed by Dragos Galgotiu for the Odeon Theater, and for Leonce and Lena, directed by Horatiu Malaele for the Comedy Theater.