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Mosquitos’ Tango premieres in Slovakia

Jana Kadlecova 2009-01-19
Two Slovak film premieres in January and the Rotterdam screening of the critically praised debut Blind Loves (Slepe lasky) paint a promising start for Slovak film in 2009.

First up is the January 22 premiere of the new full-length feature film Mosquitos´ Tango (Tango s komarmi,

Veteran Slovak film director Miloslav Luther tells the story of two emigrants who come back to Slovakia after years in Spain. The tragicomedy with a cast of renowned Slovak actors and actresses is based on "embarrassingly-funny but also cruel misunderstandings."

The film was budgeted at €1.1 million, produced by Luther & Partner s.r.o., and co-produced by Avion Film s.r.o. (Czech Republic) and Filmia s.r.o.(Czech Republic). "The amount of financial contributions of the producers is not yet finalized," Luther told FNE. "Part of it -- € 475,000 -- was granted from Audiovision Programme at the Slovak Ministry of Culture in 2006 and 2007."

Production on the film started in autumn 2007 and finished a year later.

Continental Film, s.r.o. is distributing the film in Slovakia with eight copies. "Distributing the film in abroad will be discussed after its premiere in Slovakia," Luther said.

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