New Slovak Audiovisual Coucil chosen

By Jana Kadlecova

    A ten member council governing the Audiovisual Fund of Slovakia has been appointed, with each member to serve a six-year term.

    Minister of Culture Marek Madaric announced the appointments on March 30.

    The members are Jelena Pastekova, Miloslav Luther, Petronela Kolevska-Vancikova, Patrik Pass, Michal Drobny, Marta Gajdosikova, Tomas Kamenec, Robert Tavoda and Natasa Slavikova.

    Pass and Kolevska-Vancikova, who represent indepedent film producers in the council, are also the chairman (Pass) and vice-president (Vancikova). Pass is producer of Trigon production, s.r.o. (http://www.trigon-production.sk), Kolevska-Vancikova is co-founder of the production company Art Real, s.r.o. ( ar artreal.sk).

    Jelena Pastekova and Miloslav Luther represent the film makers. Pastekova is a college lecturer at the Film Faculty in Bratislava. Luther is the respected Slovak director whose film Mosquito´s Tango was premiered two months ago (www.miloslavluther.sk).

    Drobny is the marketing manager and statutory representative of the film distribution company Continental Film, s.r.o. (www.continental-film.sk), the second most successful distribution company in Slovakia. Gajdosikova represents Slovak public broadcasting STV (www.stv.sk). Tomas Kamenec, the lawyer of ANRTS (Association of the Independent Radio and Television Stations, www.anrts.sk) represents private televisions. Robert Tavoda, the president of the Association of Cable TV providers (www.apkt.sk), represents the retransmission providers. The last member Ministry of Culture representative Natasa Slavikova, general director in the section of media, audiovision and copyright in MKSR.

    Among the first tasks of the council are adopting the statute and its internal organizational structure, preparing a new proposal for state support of the audiovisual sector, and issuing the first call for the requests of support from the fund -- which is to be public in he fall.