CME launches TV Doma in Slovakia

By Jana Kadlecova

    Central European Enterprise (CME, www.cetv-net.com) will begin broadcasting TV DOMA (At Home), a soap opera and romance channel aimed at female audiences aged 12-54, on August 31.

    TV DOMA will be the fifth CME channel in the Slovak-Czech territory, following Nova, Nova Cinema, Markiza and Nova Sport. Markiza and TV Doma are based in Slovakia. The programme director of TV Doma is 24-year-old Silvia Porubska, manager of the merger and acquisition department in Markiza, and a member of Markiza's management team since July 1.

    Vaclav Mika, CEO of TV Markiza said TV DOMA is "specially formatted" television aimed at women. TV DOMA plans three phases: first using acquisitions, second adding non-fiction formats, and third moving into the station's own production of dramas. Mika said he does not expect to see a profit in the first two years.

    TV Doma could draw audiences from Markiza TV that would lead to further losses for Markiza.

    Markiza net revenue for the first half of the year 2009 was $48.8 million (€34 million). Comparing with the $63.3 million (€44.1 million) from the first six months of the year 2008, a decrease in 30.7%. The EBIDTA of Markiza for the first half of the year 2009 was $9.3 million (€6.5 million), while $23.1 million (€16.1 million) in the first six months last year.

    Rival channel TV JOJ owned by financial group J&T started its new channel JOJ PLUS in October 5, 2008. (http://doma.markiza.sk)

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