JMB takes top Slovak grants

Written by Jana Kadlecová
Slovak firm JMB Film and TV Production received the two largest grants from the Slovak Audiovisual program 2009 for the films Visible World (410,000 Euro), and Cherrie Boy (380 000 Euro).

As Milan Stráňava, one of JMB's (http://www.jmbfilm.sk/ ) three share holders confirmed for FNE, both of the projects are currently filming. "The autumn and the winter sequences have been shot, we will continue in filming from April to September," said Stranava. Both projects will be ready for distribution by the end of this year.

The projects have a contract with the Slovak television (www.stv.sk), JMB has also been in the negotiation with Czech Television (www.ceskatelevize.cz) and with the private investors in Slovakia. The budget should be under 1,300,000 EUR for each film, which is considered by the Audiovisual Fund (www.avf.sk) as a low-budget film. The final budget should have been known by November 2010 after completing production.

JMB has been active in film production for seventeen years in Slovakia, however Stranava calls the film industry in Slovakia "not really the easiest segment of the market".

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