Slovakia announces nominees for SUN film awards

By FNE Staff
    Broken Promises, Foxes, and Soul at Peace have been nominated in the Best Film category of the Slovak national film awards, Sun in the Net 2010.
    The nominations were announced by the Slovak Film and Television Academy and cover Slovak films from 2008 and 2009 for the Sun in the Net 2010 - the Slovak national film awards.

    Sun in the Net, which takes its name after the Slovak classic film by Štefan Uher The Sun in the Net (Slnko v sieti, 1962), will be announced and granted during a gala ceremony in the historical building of the Slovak National Theatre on Saturday, April 27, 2010.

    During February, the members of the Slovak Film and Television Academy (www.sfta.sk) selected the nominees from 16 fiction and 15 documentary feature films, 5 short fiction films and 12 animation films.

    The complete list of nominees are:

    BEST FICTION FILM - nominations
    Broken Promise, by Jiří Chlumský
    Foxes, by Mira Fornay
    Soul at Peace, by Vlado Balko

    BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM - nominations
    Blind Loves, by Juraj Lehotský
    The Border, by Jaro Vojtek
    Cooking History
    , by Peter Kerekes
    Osadné, by Marko Škop

    BEST DIRECTOR - nominations
    Juraj Lehotský (Blind Loves)
    Marko Škop (Osadné)
    Jaro Vojtek (The Border)

    BEST ANIMATION - nominations
    About Socks and Love, by Michaela Čopíková
    Catch Him!, by Boris Šima
    The String, by Michal Meszároš

    BEST SHORT FICTION FILM - nominations
    The Father, by Lukáš Hanulák
    The Lunch Box, by Ľubomír Mihailo Kocka
    Thanks, fine, by Mátyás Prikler

    BEST LEADING ACTOR - nominations
    Attila Mokos (Soul at Peace)
    Karel Roden (Bathory)
    Samuel Spišák (Broken Promise)

    BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR - nominations
    Roman Luknár (Soul at Peace)
    Ondřej Vetchý (Broken Promise)
    Robert Więckiewicz (Soul at Peace)

    BEST LEADING ACTRESS - nominations
    Réka Derzsi (Foxes)
    Anna Friel (Bathory)
    Ina Gogálová (Broken Promise)
    Tereza Nvotová (Mosquitos' Tango)

    Tereza Brodská (Mosquitos' Tango)
    Helena Krajčiová (Soul at Peace)
    Zuzana Kronerová (Unknown Hour)

    BEST SCREENPLAY - nominations
    Jiří Křižan (Soul at Peace)
    Juraj Lehotský, Marek Leščák (Blind Loves)
    Jaroslav Vojtek, Marek Leščák (The Border)

    BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - nominations
    Ján Ďuriš (Broken Promise)
    Juraj Chlpík (Blind Loves)
    Martin Kollár (Cooking History)
    Martin Štrba (Soul at Peace)

    BEST EDITING - nomations
    František Krähenbiel (Osadné)
    František Krähenbiel (Blind Loves)
    Marek Šulík (Cooking History)

    BEST SOUND - nominations
    František Krähenbiel (Blind Loves)
    Jan Paul (Soul at Peace)
    Martin Večeřa (Broken Promise)

    Jan Jirásek, Simoon Boswell, MAOK (Bathory)
    Michał Lorenc (Soul at Peace)
    Michal Novinski (Broken Promise)
    Marek Piaček (Cooking History)

    BEST ART DIRECTION - nominations
    Anita Hroššová, Lilianna Gałązka (Jánošik. A True Story - make-up)
    Juraj Jakubisko (Bathory)
    František Lipták, Marek Zawierucha (Jánošik. A True Story - set designer)
    Juraj Steiner (Broken Promise)

    BEST COSTUMES - nominations
    Anitta Hroššová, Magdalena Tesławska (Jánošik. A True Story)
    Jaroslava Pecharová (Bathory)
    Simona Vachálková (Broken Promise)

    BEST FOREIGN FILM - nominations
    4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, by Cristian Mungiu
    The Karamazov Brothers, by Petr Zelenka
    Katyň, by Andrzej Wajda

    9 nominations for Broken Promise (GENTA FILM, www.gentafilm.sk) and Soul at Peace (FORZA, www.forza.sk)
    6 nominations for Blind Loves (ARTILERIA, www.artileria.sk)
    5 nominations for Bathory (JAKUBISKO FILM, www.jakubiskofilm.com)
    4 nominations for Cooking History (PETER KEREKES, www.cookinghistory.net)
    3 nominations for The Border (LEON PRODUCTIONS, www.leonproductions.sk), Osadné (ARTILERIA) and Jánošík. A True Story (APPLE FILM PRODUCTION, www.applefilm.pl)
    2 nominations for Foxes (MIRAS, www.listicky.cz) and Mosquitos' Tango (LUTHER&PARTNER, www.miloslavluther.sk)