FNE Cannes Preview 2013: Slovenian Films in Cannes 2013

    From 15 to 26 May the 66th International Film Festival is taking place in Cannes. During the festival the film market, where the Slovenian Film Centre is to represent Slovenia for the tenth year in a row, is also taking place for the 54th year.

    This year the Slovenian cinematography will be presented for the fourth time in the International Village in the South-East European Pavilion together with film institutions and filmmakers from Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia.

    The Slovenian part of the new pavilion will once again be the meeting point for all Slovenian filmmakers, coming to Cannes to present their already completed projects, seeking partners for their projects in development, and establishing all kinds of business contacts in the field of film.

    At this largest global film market the Slovenian Film Centre is showing three world premieres: Dual, the second feature by the director Nejc Gazvoda, produced by Perfo; Chefurs Raus!, the second feature by the director Goran Vojnović, produced by Arsmedia; and Class Enemy, the first feature by Rok Biček, produced by Triglav film. The screenings at the Cannes market represent an essential foundation for as successful an international festival premiere of all three films as possible.

    Short Film Corner is a professional short film platform where the authors have the opportunity to present their films to the widest possible global audience, interested in the world shorts and their makers. This year Slovenia will be represented by the short films Hudred Dogs by the director Jan Cvitkovič, produced by Staragara; and Morning by the director Sonja Prosenc, produced by Mono o.

    On Saturday, 18 May, the Grossman Fantastic Film and Wine Festival from Ljutomer will be presented in the pavilion, marking the Slovenian day. This time the event will also be a presentation of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation.


    Market screenings:

    DUAL by Nejc Gazvoda

    Two languages. Two people in love. One secret.

    Due to a technical problem, a plane from Denmark heading to Greece lands at a Slovene airport. Among the passengers is Iben (25), a quiet, beautiful young Danish girl. The passengers are being taken to a hotel in Ljubljana and this is how she meets Tina (25), whose summer job is to drive a shuttle. Iben asks Tina to give her a tour around Ljubljana and Tina concurs even though the request seems a bit odd.

    Producer: Perfo 2013 (105 min.)

    Riviera 3  May 16,   16:00       


    CHEFURS RAUS! by Goran Vojnović

    Marko and his three friends live in an ill-famed Ljubljana suburb, Fužine. Violence, crime and drugs slowly become part of their everyday life; old friendships begin to crumble and they go their separate ways. The story of the first two generations of immigrants from the former Yugoslavia playfully uses stereotypes to reveal hidden layers of intolerance in a young European society, and is well seasoned with a typical Balkan tragicomic humour when setting a critical eye on bitter life stories from the edge of the Slovene society.

    Producer: Arsmedia, 2013 (100 min.)

    Riviera 4  May 21,17:30        


    CLASS ENEMY by Rok Biček

    Due to a huge difference in the way they perceive life, the relationship between students and their new German language teacher becomes critically tense.
    When one of the students commits suicide, her classmates accuse the teacher of being responsible for her death. The realisation that things are not so black and white comes too late.

    Producer: Triglav Film, 2013 (112 min.)

    Palais H   May 22, 15:30      



    Hundred Dogs by Jan Citkovič

    Producer: Staragara, 2012, (22 min.)

    Adam is getting tired and old. He makes a decision and frees Eva. He helps her become a woman again. He puts her on his throne. He realises that he has no role to perform anymore, so he eliminates himself. Meanwhile, a child is being born. A new Man.


    Morning by Sonja Prosenc

    Producer: Monoo, 2013, (13 min)

    Father and son travel toward a better life in a new country. Too similar and too isolated they drift apart and insist in their silent rebelion towards each other.

    Cannes 2013 South East European Pavilion No. 134

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