Telekom Slovenije IPTV lead continues

By Matevz Rudolf
    Telekom Slovenije (www.telekom.si) remained the largest provider of IPTV services in Slovenia in 2008, with a 52.7% share of the country's IPTV market.

    The nearest rival, T-2, ended the year with a 43.5% share, closing in on Telekom's lead. IPTV is becoming rapidly more popular in Slovenia, growing by 17.1% in 2008.

    One of the major investments for Telekom Slovenije will be in FTTH technology (optical fiber) especially for providing HDTV programs. Telekom Slovenije had 15,000 users of FTTH connections at the end of 2008.

    Telekom Slovenije also received a loan from a consortium of eight European banks for the takeover of Macedonian telecom company Cosmofona.