New Slovenian co-production starts shoot

By Mateja Princic

    Shooting began March 27 on a new international co-production by Slovene director Damjan Kozole called Slovenka, or Slovenian Girl. The budget for the film is €1.52 million.

    The film co-producers are Vertigo/Emotion Films of Ljubljana, Neue Mediopolis Filmproduktion GmbH of Berlin, 4 Film of Zagreb, Pro.ba of Sarajevo (www.pro.ba/) and Baš Čelic of Belgrade. Vertigo/Emotionfilm, with its Slovene partners, is responsible for 77% of the budget while Neue Mediopolis Film has 11% and the other three co-producers share 12%.

    Collaborators are RTV Slovenija, Federal TV of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and FS Viba Film of Slovenia.

    The film is suppored financially by the Slovene Film Fund, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, Filmski Centar of Serbia and the Croatian Culture Ministry.

    Development of the project was financed by the European Union's Media Plus and the Slovene Film Fund.

    Slovenka is a first name as well as a term for a woman of Slavic origin