WARSAW: Polish director Agnieszka Holland is planning a film based on the contemporary novel Drive Your Plough over the Bones of the Dead by Olga Tokarczuk.

Monolith Films had signed an exclusive long-term contract with DreamWorks to distribute their films in Poland.

WARSAW: Poland’s leading private broadcaster TVN has been cut from the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s index of the 20 largest Polish companies. 

WARSAW: Polish documentary filmmaker Marcin Latałło is preparing Sailor in Łódź a feature comedy about a man who is lost in the fiction he creates.

KRAKOW: Magdalena Piekorz is developing a City(W)rites documentary with the working title Krakow Adama Zagajewskiego (Adam Zagajewski's Krakow).

WARSAW: Polish private broadcaster TVN told FNE that it has sold eleven of its original productions to 25 countries in Europe and Asia.

KRAKOW: Private broadcaster TVN is increasing its more original Polish content with the addition of a new series, Szpital (The Hospital).

WARSAW: Polish public broadcaster TVP is preparing to launch TVP ABC, a thematic channel for the 4-12 age group, in April 2013.

WARSAW: Polish cinematographer Sławomir Idziak spoke with FNE on the topic of how to lower the cost and raise the quality of films through the launch of his new initiative Film Spring Open and the introduction of the concept of previsualization, preview video mock-ups of films also known as previs.

WARSAW: Vulture directed by Eugeniusz Korin premiered in British cinemas on 22 January 2013 following a strong opening in Poland on 11 January.