LJUBLJANA: The Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia has drafted a proposal of a law which will restructure the national film institution and its funding, as well as introduce film incentives.

LJUBLJANA: A pair of Slovenian films have emerged as fall box office hits: Dual by Nejc Gazvoda and  Class Enemy by Rok Biček.  Both films also had strong showings at the recent Festival of Slovenian Film.

PORTOROZ: The protagonist of this Slovenian love story, written and edited by Marko Šantić, is 19-year old Luka, who is leaving the orphanage where he has spent his last 9 years after his mother and relatives abandoned him. His greatest wish is to visit the grave of his father, who died when he was still very young.

PORTOROZ: The debut feature film by Barbara Zemljič is a comic melodrama about a content middle-aged woman whose seemingly stable world starts to crumble when she is overcome by a feeling of panic over not living her life to the fullest. She realizes that she has aged but has still not experienced the passionate true love you read about in books and see on the movie screen.