FNE at Portoroz Slovenian FF 2013: Panic for Adults

    Director Barbara Zemljič Director Barbara Zemljič www.barbarazemljic.com

    PORTOROZ: The debut feature film by Barbara Zemljič is a comic melodrama about a content middle-aged woman whose seemingly stable world starts to crumble when she is overcome by a feeling of panic over not living her life to the fullest. She realizes that she has aged but has still not experienced the passionate true love you read about in books and see on the movie screen.

    She visits a fortune teller who predicts that a mysterious and passionate lover will soon enter her life and this causes her to fall naively for a family friend, which turns her life and that of her family upside down.

    The film is based on a bestselling novel by Slovenian author Desa Muck, for whom this was her first venture into literature for adult readers. She has been known mostly for her children's and youth books.

    Panic was produced by RTV Slovenija in co-production with A Atalanta with a budget of €640,00.

    Production information:

    Production Company: RTV Slovenija
    Co-Producers: A Atalanta
    Director: Barbara Zemljič
    Screenwriter: Barbara Zemljič
    Producer: Mateja Smisl
    Director of Photography: Miloš Srdić
    Film Editor: Ivana Fumić
    Music: Davor Herceg
    Sound Design: Robert Sršen
    Sound Recordist: Samo Kozlevčar
    Set Designer: Dušan  Milavec
    Costume Designer: Alan Hranitelj
    Make up: Ana Lazovski
    Cast:  Janja Majzelj, Pia Zemljič, Gregor Zorc, Vladimir Vlaškalič, Vanes Oštir Jarić, Milena Zupančič, Ivanka Mežan