FNE IDF DocBloc: Slovak Graduates Freedom is Not for Free

A new Slovak documentary looks at the struggles of young Slovak artists entering the job market.


FNE IDF DocBloc: Czech Beer War

Producer Pavel Bercik dips into the topic of Czech Beer in an upcoming documentary.


FNE IDF DocBloc: Czechoslovakia - The Destiny of a Canadian

Lukas Pribyl, director of the Forgotten Transports series of documentaries, is working on a portrait of Czech expatriate H.G. Skilling.


FNE IDF DocBloc: In Prison with Mum

Czech TV is producing a documentary on the effects of being raised inside a prison by an incarcerated mother.


FNE/IDF DocBloc: Wolf

Producer Radim Prochazka looks at the efforts of a man to clear the name of his father, a rabbi at the Terezin concentration camp who decided which inmates would be sent to Auschwitz.


IDF DocBloc: Sugar-Blog

Andrea Culkova takes a personal look at the addiction to sugar.


FNE/IDF DocBloc: Olga 80 in Production

Miroslav Janek is in production with a documentary by the first wife of the late Czech President Vaclav Havel, Olga 80.


FNE IDF DocBloc: East Silver Market

Winners were announced for the East Silver Market which took place at the 17th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.


FNE IDF DocBloc: Gottland

Gottland is an omnibus film based on a Polish bestseller and directed by six FAMU film school students.


FNE IDF DocBloc: Eugenic Minds

Czech producer Jiri Konecny looks at the disgraced subject of selective human breeding.


FNE IDF DocBloc: An Art Detective Story

Czech director Andrea Culkova journeys back to 1940 to uncover the mystery of two Czech artists who seemingly disappear en route from Paris to Prague.


FNE IDF DocBloc: Nellis Directing HBO Doc

Award-winning Czech director Alice Nellis is a documentary on the subject of adoption.

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FNE - IDF DocBloc: Laugh if You Can

WARSAW: Narcolepsy sufferers are caught in a landscape that melds reality and the world of their dreams in Agnieszka Woszczynska's Polish documentary Laugh if You Can.


FNE - IDF DocBloc: Riding the Freeway Blues

Prague: Director Ivo Bystrican takes a creative view of the morass that is the system for getting around the Czech Republic in Under (the) Construction, a film examining the trauma facing a 72-year-old engineer whose final project, a short stretch of the D8 motorway to Berlin, is held up for years in legal tangles.


FNE - IDF DocBloc: Beetles and Presidents Offer Lessons

PRAGUE: Armed with no end of ironic analysis, director Hana Novakova takes on modern Czech politics with the help of the south Bohemian bark beetle and several offbeat personalities in some way connected to it in her documentary An Artist Under the Bark of Our National Amusement Park, scheduled for release in October.


FNE-IDF DocBloc: An Eye-Witness to History

Czechoslovakia - The Destiny of a Canadian, by award-winning filmmaker Lukáš Přibyl, is slated for release in October, according to the Institute of Documentary Film.