Legal considerations on the Internet of things: 2015 and beyond

IOT is a very promising and interesting new area of business, as well as an incredible opportunity to provide new services and improve the quality of existing ones. It is a complex and unregulated area, which will need new dedicated legislation to thrive and develop.


Rebekka Garrido Programme Director Connecting Cottbus

FNE spoke to Rebekka Garrido the new Programme Director of Connecting Cottbus about what changes we can expect at this event in 2015.


Bernd Buder Artistic Director Cottbus Film Festival

FNE spoke to Bernd Buder long time director of Connecting Cottbus about his new role as the director of Cottbus Film Festival


FNE TV: Pauline Durand-Vialle CEO FERA the Federation of European Film Directors

FNE spoke to Pauline Durand-Vialle CEO FERA the Federation of European Film Directors, about the EU’s plans for Copyright Reform and a Digital Single Market and the impact this will have on the European AV industry if it goes ahead.


FNE TV: Mira Staleva Director of Sofia Meetings and Deputy Director of Sofia International Film Festival

FNE spoke to Mira Staleva about how bringing together pan-European AV organizations like FERA, Europa Cinemas and Europa Distribution is helping to build audiences for European film.


Poland: Find Your Location

Check out what Poland has to offer as a shooting location with this new video just release by the Film Commission Poland.


FNE TV: Vilnis Kalnellis director Rija Films

FNE asked Latvian producer Vilnis Kalnellis about the advantages of working as a producer  in a small country like Latvia and the particular problems producers in small countries face.


Andris Gauja (Latvia)

FNE spoke to the young Latvian producer and director Andris Gauja of The Lesson about how the new generation of Latvian filmmakers are using crowd funding, pitching sessions and other innovative tools to put films from small countries on the international map.