Timo Vuorensola director of Iron Sky

FNE TV: Finnish director Timo Vuorensola speaks about crowd-funding

FNE spoke to Timo Vuorensola director of Iron Sky about crowd-funding and how to do it at the at Sofia Meetings 2013


FNE TV: Silvia Costa Rapporteur for Creative Europe for the EU Parliament

FNE TV spoke to Italian MEP Silvia Costa about Creative Europe and its impact on the future of the Av industry in Europe.Costa is an MEP for Italy and a member of the Culture and Education Committee of the European Parliament.  She is Rapporteur to the European Parliament for Creative Europe.


Claude-Eric Poiroux, Director General of Europa Cinemas

FNE spoke to Claude-Eric Poiroux about the most important issues facing exhibitors today including digitalization and day for date releases. Claude-Eric declared the FNE series of publications of the latest results of day for date releases in the smaller countries of the EU to be very very important for the European film industry.




Peter Busuttil - Malta Film Commissioner

FNE TV: at the Berlin International Film Festival 2013


Evgeny Gindilis - Executive director Red Square Screenings

FNE at Red Square Screenings 2012
FNE asks Russian producer Evgeny Gindilis about the opportunities for European producers to work with Russia


Ian Christie: President Europa Cinemas

FNE at Europa Cinemas Conference 2012

FNE TV asked Christie about the biggest challenges facing European arthouse cinemas today


Stefan Kitanov: Europa Cinemas Entrepreneur of the Year

FNE at Europa Cinemas Conference 2012


Laszlo Kantor: Member of European Film Academy Board

FNE at European Film Academy Awards 2012: Malta