FNE at Tallinn 2018: FNE TV: Rolandas Kvietkauskas

FNE asked Rolandas Kvietkauskas Director of the Lithuanian Film Centre about the effectiveness of the Lithuanian tax incentives and what will be new in 2019.


MEP Silvia Costa, EU Parliament Culture and Education Committee and Rapporteur for Creative Europe 2021-2027

FNE asked Silvia Costa about the most important differences between Creative Europe 2021-2027 and the previous programme.


FNE Venice 2018: Mila Turajlić LUX Prix Finalist

FNE TV spoke to Serbian film director and LUX Prix finalist Mila Turajlić about her new doc The Other Side of Everything which has been selected as a finalist for the 2018 LUX Prize finalists this year and the importance of the LUX Prix for cultural diversity in European film.


FNE at Venice 2018: FNE TV: Montenegro director Ivan Salatic

FNE asked Montenegrin director Ivan Salatic about his new film Ti imaš noć / You Have the Night which is a coproduction between Montenegro, Serbia and Qatar


FNE at Venice 2018: FNE TV: Cristian Mungiu

FNE asked Romanian director Cristian Mungiu about the challenges facing the Romanian film industry and why the fight against piracy needs to be one of the main priorities for European film.


FNE TV: Nikolaj Nikitin - Director School of Film Agents (SOFA)

FNE asked Nikolaj Nikitin about the achievements of SOFA which held its 6th edition in Warsaw this year from 26-31 August 2018


FNE TV:Pascal Diot, head of the Venice Production Bridge

FNE asked Pascal Diot how the Venice Production Bridge has evolved since its inception seven years ago and if this is still an important event for filmmakers from Central and Eastern Europe?