Mira Staleva Director Sofia Meetings

FNE asked Mira Staleva how bringing Europe’s most important film organisations together in Sofia was helping to create a better understanding of the challenges facing the film industry in Central and Eastern Europe.


Yariv Lerner CEO Nu Boyana Film Studios

FNE asked Yariv Lerner about why Nu Boyana is getting involved in local Bulgarian productions after years of bringing Hollywood and European productions to Bulgaria.


FNE TV: Ivana Pauerová Milošević documentary maker and Institute of Documentary Film board member

FNE asked Ivana Pauerová Milošević about the role of television and how internet is changing the way documentaries reach audiences


FNE TV: Filip Remunda Czech documentary maker and Institute of Documentary Film cofounder and board member

FNE asked Filip Remunda how the ways documentaries are produced and how they are reaching audiences is changing in Central and Eastern Europe


FNE TV: Loic Magneron President Wide

FNE asked Paris based sales agent and distributor Loic Magneron, President of Wide Distribution and Production about how VOD and new players on the European market like Netflix are changing the landscape for the sales and distribution of European films.


FNE TV: Mirsad Purivatra Director Sarajevo Film Festival and Europa Cinemas Entrepreneur of the Year

FNE asked Mirsad Purivatra the winner of this year’s Europa Cinemas Entrepreneur of the Year Award about how festivals and cinemas can work together and what role innovation can play to bring European films to a wider audience.


FNE TV: MEP Bogdan Wenta Member of the EU committee on Culture and Education

FNE asked Bogdan Wenta why the LUX Prix was important for the support of cultural diversity in Europe and how it contributes to our understanding of social problems and cultural differences in Europe.


FNE TV: Marge Liiske - Managing Director Baltic Event

FNE asked Marge Liiske about how the Baltic Event is helping Estonian filmmakers to collaborate with European partners and to make to voice of Estonian culture heard beyond its borders.