FNE TV: Tiina Lokk - Director Black Nights Film Festival

FNE asked Tiina Lokk about how being an A category festival is changing the Black Nights Film Festival and why the European Commission chose Tallinn as to place to wind up its series of 2015 European Film Forums on the Digital Single Market. 


Edith Sepp - Director Estonian Film Institute and Chair of the Film New Europe Association

FNE asked Edith Sepp about Estonia’s new tax rebate scheme that launches on 1 January 2016 and how it will help to bring more productions to shoot in Estonia.


FNE TV: Jerzy Skolimowski Director of 11 Minutes

FNE asked Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski about the premiere of his new film 11 Minutes in Venice and the importance of backing from the Polish Film Institute for the production.


FNE TV: Ula Sniegowska Artistic Director of the American Film Festival in Poland

FNE asked Ula Sniegowska how art house cinemas and festivals can work together to bring audiences into the cinema all year round. 


FNE TV: Hrvoje Laurenta President Croatian Independent Cinema Network

FNE asked Hrvoje Laurenta about the Croatian Independent Cinema Network and how its innovative activities are already becoming a model for the region.


FNE TV: Ivan Hronec CEO Film Europe Media Company

FNE asked Ivan Hronec about how TV fits into the European film landscape and how the hybrid model of distribution that he is developing at Film Europe can increase audiences for European film.


FNE TV: Pascal Diot, head of the Venice Film Market

FNE asked Pascal Diot what are the most important new initiatives at this year’s Venice Film Market and the opportunities on offer for producers from central and eastern Europe.