UNIC Policy Update 11.10.2016


    Bratislava Digital Assembly  

    29/09: Speech by Vice-President Ansip at the Digital Assembly 2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia: "Europe should not be afraid of data" – European Commission website

    “Data is the basis of our digital future and prosperity. Data will drive our competitiveness and economic growth. But if data does not flow freely across the EU, then the growth potential of the digital economy in Europe will be limited. Within the single market, data has to be able to move across national borders and in a single data space” explained in his speech Vice-President Ansip

    29/09: Launch of the Scaleup Manifesto at the Digital Assembly 2016 in Bratislava – European Commission website

    Commissioner Oettinger received a Scaleup Manifesto from the European community of startups and scaleups. The ‘Manifesto for Change and Empowerment in the Digital Age' is proposing concrete ways to leverage the strength of the digital single market for European entrepreneurs' global success.


     4/10: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It – Cinema and the Copyright Reform by UNIC CEO Jan Runge – Netopia

    ‘In terms of legislative reform we feel that Europe should primarily focus on limiting online piracy. All other policy objectives, including promotion of the “Digital Single Market”, can in our view be addressed through other means’ stated Jan Runge, CEO of UNIC.

    Audiovisual Media Services Directive  

    6/10: The European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services’ opinion on the AVMSD proposal – European Commission website

    The European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services (ERGA) adopted an Opinion on the practical implications of the AVMSD proposal, where it analysed the consequences of the proposed provisions in terms of day-to-day application if they become European law. 

    Satellite and Cable 

    30/09: Study on the functioning of the EU Satellite and Cable Directive of 1993 – European Commission website

    The Study provides an overview of the EU broadcasting sector, assesses cross-border availability of broadcasters' online services as well as analyses the national legal frameworks and licensing practices in the sample Member States with regard to rights clearance related to cross-border transmission and retransmission of television and radio programmes.


    11/10: Interparliamentary Committee Meeting on Cultural and Creative Sectors in the EU - more information here 12/10: CW! conference "The Cultural and Creative Industries: Jobs, Growth and Europe’s Digital Future" - more information here

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