UNIC Policy Update 25.10.2016



    10/10: Making copyright fit for the digital future by MEP Angelika Niebler – Parliament Magazine

    Copyright rules must protect content creators, while also preserving Europe’s cultural heritage and creative industry, stated Angelika Niebler.

    12/10: Interview with The EPP Group’s Spokeswoman on copyright, Therese Comodini Cachia– EPP website

    Therese Comodini Cachia answers citizens’ questions on how the proposed copyright law will affect their lives as consumers, creators and business owners.

    Digital Single Market 

    17/10: Copyright rules must benefit artists - not big business by MEP Isabella Adinolfi – The Parliament Magazine

    New rules on portability of content must ensure that citizens have free access to culture, all while respecting authors, says Isabella Adinolfi.

    19/10: “You cannot force the creation of a European “ghost” market for transmission rights” by Anthony Level, Digital Chief Policy Officer, TF1 – Netopia

    The opportunity for small actors to benefit from the end of geoblocking is a myth, stated Anthony Level in the interview.

    Creativity Works! 

    21/10: Creativity Talks! – A roundup of the High Level conference on jobs, growth and Europe’s digital future – Creativity Works!

    Creativity Works! together with the European Parliament’s Cultural & Creative Industries Intergroup organised a High-Level Conference focused on “Jobs, Growth & Europe’s Digital Future”.

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