Croatian Shorts on the road to Oberhausen and Annecy

    Three Croatian films will be screened at the 58th edition of the International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen that takes place from 26 April to 1 May. Le Samouräi by Ivan Faktor and Chill by Hana Jušić will be screened in the International Competition Programme. Dalibor Barić’s The Spectres of Veronica was included in MuVi International, the side programme of innovative music videos.

    Le Samouräi by Ivan Faktor (right) is an intimate experimental documentary film made in the apartment of the deceased Croatian avant-garde artist Tomislav Gotovac. The film is a cinematic exploration of Gotovac’s personal space, as well as moments of melancholy, sorrow and loneliness seething from it. Chill by Hana Jušić is a free interpretation of Tarik Kulenović’s short story about a girl visiting her old boyfriend to relive the moments of former intimacy. The film is starring Iva Mihalić and Neven Aljinović Tot. The Spectres of Veronica by Dalibor Barić (image below) is an experimental animated film in which the director uses a collage animation technique to depict the remarkable world of a girl haunted by ghosts of the future.

    The competition programme of the International Animated Film Festival in Annecy (4-9 June) includes four Croatian films. Cat by Goran Stojnić and Father by a group of authors (including Veljko Popović) will be screened in the Short Film selection, while Meat by Ivan Mirko Senjanović and Transecho by Nikola Radović will be presented in the Graduation Film selection.
    Father (right) is a hybrid between documentary and animation that portrays five parallel realities featuring conversations between a child and his father that never took place. These five stories are based on authentic experiences of young people and are conveyed in different animation styles by the five directors. Father is a Bulgarian-Croatian-German co-production, written by the famous British animator Phil Mulloy and Ivan Bogdanov (also film director and supervisor) based on Diana Ivanova’s concept. The five chapters were directed by artists from different countries: Moritz Myerhofer from Germany, Asparuh Petrov and Rositsa Raleva from Bulgaria, Dmitry Yagodin from Russia and Veljko Popović from Croatia. The film is produced by Compote Collective in association with Bonobostudio and Eyecatch Productions, and it was supported by Robert Bosch Foundation, Croatian Audiovisual Centre and Bulgarian National Film Centre.

    The second selection entry is Cat by Goran Stojnić, a short story about a cat, an old woman and a bird. Following the cat, we witness how these characters influence each other and change their appearance and behaviour. The film was made in oil-on-glass animation technique and director Goran Stojnić also wrote the screenplay and created animation and character design. Višnja Skorin edited the film, the music was composed by Nikola Kovač, sound designer was Hrvoje Štefotić, and it was produced by Lado Skorin for 3D2D Animatori production company.

    The graduation film
    competition programme includes 55 selected entries, two of them from Croatia. Meat by Ivan Mirko Senjanović (left) uses stop motion animated pieces of pork to portray a day in life of an average man, while Transecho directed by Nikola Radović, a cinematic exploration of the abstract world, made in a combined technique of classic and digital 3D animation.

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